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Re: CQ Weekly Full Service Prices... Julia Franklin 17 Dec 1999 21:38 UTC

We paid $396.00 for our full service CQ Researcher, last year and $444.00
for 2000.  We receive ours every week, and get the annual bound book.

Why the difference? SHRUG!

Julia Franklin
Idaho State Library

The opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect anyone elses,
anywhere in the world.

>>> Buddy Pennington <buddy.pennington@ROCKHURST.EDU> 12/17/99 12:05PM >>>
Hi all,

I was just curious about the pricing of CQ Weekly Full Service.  We renewed
for the Year 2000 for $763 back in October.  I just received a second
renewal notice that says the price is $681.  When I called CQ, they told me
the second notice was for 1999.  They had no idea why I received it.  Since
I can't find the invoice for 1999 to confirm the $681, I was wondering if
any of you out there could tell me what you paid for 1999 and what you are
paying for 2000.  I just want to make sure nothing screwy is going on here.
It may be a Y2K thing for all I know.

Buddy Pennington
Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
Rockhurst University Greenlease Library