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In today’s world of ever more challenges of sending group emails, it’s ever more challenging to send a group email for email marketing or as an email distribution list. New technical standards and restrictions seemingly arrive continuously, meaning that simply copying and pasting a list of email addresses into an email no longer works reliably.

When using free email hosting, it is even more likely to encounter difficulties, with restrictions on the number and frequency of group emails that can be sent.

New spam controls mean that group emails can often bounce, or even if delivered successfully end up in a user’s spam folder.

Simplelists Features: Group Email Hosting Service and Management

Simplelists helps solve these problems with its group email hosting. Start a free email list in seconds, add your members, and then send them a group email. Simplelists handles all the technical details, ensuring that emails are formatted and delivered correctly for reliable delivery to business email hosting and free email hosting services.

Let’s take a look at some of Simplelists email hosting features that make this easy:

Manage Members

Easily manage the members of your group using Simplelists website. Bulk import members by uploading a spreadsheet or copying and pasting blocks of email addresses. Once your list is running, edit and add members at any time, or enable members to add themselves with a subscription form.

Customize Your Email List

Customize your email list with lots of different features. Automatically add a footer to all your list emails containing unsubscribe instructions or other useful subscriber information. Add a prefix to the subject of all your list emails, and choose whether you want to enable replies either to the sender or all list members.

Set Restrictions

Powerful features allow you to specify exactly who can send a message to your list. Allow only specific people, allow any list member, or don’t allow anyone at all and ensure that all emails are held for moderation. Simplelists approval system easily allows you or other administrators to review and release emails for your list.

Control Subscriptions

Control new subscriptions to your list, allowing potential members the option to subscribe instantly or require a moderator to review subscription requests. You can also disable subscriptions completely for a private list.

Integrate With Websites

Integrate Simplelists into your own or other websites. Easily insert one of our subscription forms directly into your own website to allow easy subscription requests. Alternatively, use our webhooks and API features for a full-fledged integration to other systems. We support Zapier to make this even easier.

Automated List Management

Take the headache out of ongoing list maintenance with our automated list management features. Bounces and undeliverable emails are automatically handled by Simplelists, viewable in your account with optional notifications. Email addresses that are no longer valid are automatically removed.

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Simplelists is an amazing tool that is very fast and efficient. The company is incredible to work with.

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Sign up for a trial today - it's free for a month, and you don't need to enter any payment details in order to register for listserv hosting.

Once the free trial is finished, you are under no obligation to continue the service.

As with all things in life you get what you pay for:

  • We consider Simplelists to be more reliable and easier to use than free email list providers.
  • All list emails are free from any adverts.
  • You can add people directly to your list without the user needing to do any signing up.
  • We guarantee that the email addresses you add to your email list will not be used for any other purpose.

In order to use your list you must first add your members. Log in to your account using the account name and password that you selected and click the List members menu. There are a number of ways to add members, including uploading a file. The easiest method to add a single member is to click "Add member". Enter the user's details and click the Add button.

Before members become active on your list they must confirm their email address. They do this by clicking a link in a confirmation email that must be sent to them from your account. The confirmation email contains a link for them to click on (the contents can be customised using General Settings). Once they have clicked the link, their email address is confirmed and they become an active member of your list. This is shown by a green tick next to their name in the address book.

Please note that in order to combat spam, there is a daily limit of 200 confirmation requests for unverified accounts. Please contact support to remove this limit.

To send confirmation requests when adding a new member, select the tick box entitled "send email confirmation request to address". Confirmation requests can be sent (or resent) to existing members using the main address book page.

If you are transferring over from another provider or system then please contact us about avoiding the need for people to re-confirm their email address.

Yes, any sort of emails that you normally send can be sent through Simplelists - Simplelists just forwards them on as they are received to all your email list members.

We use a number of security measures. All management of your email list through the web interface, and the login itself, is performed over an SSL encrypted connection. Any credit or debit card payments you make are also all performed over an encrypted link. The password on your account is stored encrypted on our servers, and all your email addresses are not available to anyone except in the course of system maintenance.