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Simplelists Email Listserv: Your Conversion Ally

Reaching your audience and getting them to take action is hard.

And growing your email list subscription to expand your business feels even harder when you haven’t the time, energy or resources.

Simplelists gives you the email listserv platform you need to communicate with your audience efficiently.

Not sure what listserv hosting can do for you? Find out how Simplelists can help your business grow with higher conversions

User self-subscription

As a company, it’s important you confirm you’re only distributing content to individuals who want to receive it.

With Simplelists the tried and tested double opt-in system, self-subscription saves you the hassle of dealing with bounced emails or being reported as spam.

Using this option, before members are added to any list, they must confirm their email address to show that they want to be part of the email list subscription.

This can be done when adding a member, or once the member has been added to your address book

Once confirmation is complete, a green tick next to their name in the address book will indicate an active member.

It’s also possible to add members directly if you are transferring from another service or if you have an alternative method of confirming individuals want to receive your emails. Contact us for more information.

Easy unsubscribe from mailing list

Most customers feel so frustrated by current unsubscribe methods.

As a conscientious list owner, you want to do right by your customers and adhere to GDPR legislation.

Simplelists integrates with any website. You can quickly add an on-screen form for your customers to easily unsubscribe from mailing lists. Or if required, can be hosted by Simplelists.

All our lists feature the List-Unsubscribe Header which can be displayed as a one-click link for users to click on and unsubscribe.

Moderated list

Managing an online community can be challenging.

There are a lot of people, and with more coming, all the time, managing their requests, posts, and comments is very time-consuming.

You need email list management software that can automatically moderate and manage your email listserv for you.

Simplelists tackles this problem head-on. Any list can be configured to define which messages will be distributed straight to the list and which will be held for approval.

Decide whether you want all messages to be moderated, allow specific members, or even define the maximum message size.

Email archive search

Agonising over finding a specific email from months and months ago, but have no idea what you’re looking for?

With so many forms of communication, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Our application offers a simple solution.

Simplelists listserv hosting allows you to search archive emails quickly and easily.

Searchable web archives are available for all lists at no extra cost, plus, they can be customized and password protected.

Email list management

Not managing your email listserv effectively can cause you to lose business.


By not sending out the right emails to the right people.

With Simplelists mailing list software, you can create, segment, connect, clean, and manage followers lists easily.

This ensures you send your customers and clients the right messages at the right time about your new products or services and enhances your brand’s influence.

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Once the free trial is finished, you are under no obligation to continue the service.

As with all things in life you get what you pay for:

  • We consider Simplelists to be more reliable and easier to use than free email list providers.
  • All list emails are free from any adverts.
  • You can add people directly to your list without the user needing to do any signing up.
  • We guarantee that the email addresses you add to your email list will not be used for any other purpose.

In order to use your list you must first add your members. Log in to your account using the account name and password that you selected and click the List members menu. There are a number of ways to add members, including uploading a file. The easiest method to add a single member is to click "Add member". Enter the user's details and click the Add button.

Before members become active on your list they must confirm their email address. They do this by clicking a link in a confirmation email that must be sent to them from your account. The confirmation email contains a link for them to click on (the contents can be customised using General Settings). Once they have clicked the link, their email address is confirmed and they become an active member of your list. This is shown by a green tick next to their name in the address book.

Please note that in order to combat spam, there is a daily limit of 200 confirmation requests for unverified accounts. Please contact support to remove this limit.

To send confirmation requests when adding a new member, select the tick box entitled "send email confirmation request to address". Confirmation requests can be sent (or resent) to existing members using the main address book page.

If you are transferring over from another provider or system then please contact us about avoiding the need for people to re-confirm their email address.

Yes, any sort of emails that you normally send can be sent through Simplelists - Simplelists just forwards them on as they are received to all your email list members.

We use a number of security measures. All management of your email list through the web interface, and the login itself, is performed over an SSL encrypted connection. Any credit or debit card payments you make are also all performed over an encrypted link. The password on your account is stored encrypted on our servers, and all your email addresses are not available to anyone except in the course of system maintenance.

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Simplelists is an amazing tool that is very fast and efficient. The company is incredible to work with.

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