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Simplelists Privacy Policy

1. Disclosure. We will not monitor or disclose the contents of your list, except when required to by law, or when required to do in the course of system maintenance, or when requested by the Customer. We do store email messages coming through our servers, but only for the purpose of displaying the messages in the Archives feature, or for debugging in the event of a problem. Access to messages that have been stored is only available to system administrators in the course of their duty, or through Archives pages (should they be enabled for your list). If you wish your messages to never be recorded, please contact Support, although in any case we will keep a message should there be a problem with the forwarding address, and attempt delivery for a maximum of 5 days, after which time the message will be returned to the list owner.

2. Your Personal Information. When you register with us, we ask for personal information which may include but not be limited to your name, mailing address and telephone numbers. We collect, store, and use this personal information to confirm your identity when you contact us, and to contact you regarding your account.

3. We do not sell, loan, lease, give away, share or in any other way make your personal information or your Simplelists list address, or your list members email addresses, available to parties other than, except:

- when you have given us permission
- when you have violated our Terms of Service, and misused your account for Spam or other prohibited uses
- to comply with law or legal processes

4. Security. We have electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about you. However, we cannot guarantee that someone won't be able to circumvent these safeguards. These safeguards include, but are not limited to, mandating password protection for all accounts, confirming that a request to send personal information or passwords to email addresses not listed in an account was submitted by a person authorised to do so for that account, and encrypting credit card and password information within our system.

5. We do not distribute advertisements by email, either to our list owners or through our mailing lists, except that we may occasionally tell you about our own products. If you believe you have received advertisments through our system that you did not request, please notify us by forwarding the received message to

6. Cookies. We use cookies where possible in order to continue to validate you once you are logged into the members home area and to gain statistics on the non-members area of our website. Any statistics or data collected will remain the property of Simplelists and will not be shared with any third-party.

7. Ownership Issues. All data, including emails, list content, subscriber lists and any list information, is the express property of the account owner and/or the author of a particular message.

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