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In-house binding of periodicals (Judy Payne) Marcia Tuttle 12 Apr 2000 23:20 UTC

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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 16:11:22 -0500
Subject: In-house binding of periodicals

Our library is currently doing in-house binding of periodicals using the 810
Binding System from the Brodart Company in Williamsport, PA.  This system
has been used here for over 10 years.  Recently we found out from Brodart
that we'll no longer be able to purchase the system (drilling machine, parts
and supplies) after their inventory is gone.

My questions are:

1.      Is this binding system sold by any other library supply company?  If
so, please send me the names, addresses and/or telephone numbers of the
2.      If you use another binding system--what kind, how does it work and
where do you purchase the equipment and supplies?

I need this information as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for any
help you can give me.