Where is Giftex-l? -- Beth Paulsen Stephen D. Clark 26 Jun 2000 12:59 UTC

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Subject: Where is Giftex-l?
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 16:08:24 -800
From: Beth Paulsen <bpaulsen@belle.lib.uidaho.edu>
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Organization: University of Idaho Library

As Giftex-L is apparently defunct, I thought I would post my question
to this list in the hopes that others like myself have cross interests.

We are withdrawing many of our bibliographies because of space
constraints.  This include things like Bibliotheque Nationale,
Brinkman's Catalogus van Boeken, Australian National Bibliography,

Have any of you had experience in disposing of such things, either
by sale or giving them to another library?  Is there a better list to
post these to other than Backserv? Please answer to me directly:

Beth Paulsen
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