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Subject: Free Electronic Resource
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:06:00 +0100
From: Anne Davenport <>

Learned Publishing, the quarterly journal on academic publishing issues,
is available online from today.  The full text from Volume 10 (1997)
onwards is now freely available to subscribers and non-subscribers
alike, without charge or registration.

Learned Publishing carries important articles from respected
international authors on all the major topics of concern to publishers
and others in the learned and professional information chain - preprint
servers, peer-review, consortia, linking, copyright, licensing etc

The contents of the July issue are as follows:

Universities and article copyright - D G Law; R L Weedon; M R Sheen.

Setting up a first website for society publications
K McKinty; S Saadat; F J Smith; B T Donovan.

E-citations: actionable identifiers and scholarly referencing - Norman

Promises and challenges of electronic journals: academic libraries
surveyed - Heting Chu

What can technology offer? Notes on technical developments for the non-
technical - Iain D Brown

Plus a guest editorial, a personal view, reviews and letters to the

The online version is available ahead of the print edition.  It enables
you to browse, search, download and print at your desktop.  References
are linked to and from the major abstracting and indexing databases, and
CrossRef links will be added as they become available.  A free table of
contents alerting service is also available.

Learned Publishing is published by the Association of Learned and
Professional Society Publishers, and the online version is mounted and
sponsored by CatchWord.

To access the online version, go to

Anne Davenport