Re: Pre-payment of serials renewal list? -- Kim Maxwell Stephen D. Clark 29 Jun 2000 20:58 UTC

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Subject: Re: Pre-payment of serials renewal list? -- Linda Grooms
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 16:45:32 -0400
From: Kim Maxwell <>

We at MIT do prepay our periodicals invoices, but we don't get a lot of
supplemental invoices during the year.  We prepay a "lump sum" one line
invoice in July that just says "2001 periodical subscriptions."  Then,
vendors only invoice us when they have firm prices from the publishers.
get our invoices once a month, beginning in November (though we could
them fewer times during the year, if we chose).  We call these our
"confirming" invoices; in other words, they've already been paid, but we
still run them through our ILS so the payment is recorded for each

Kim Maxwell

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