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Guide to USGS publications Sarah Tusa 07 Jun 2000 15:29 UTC

Greetings.  I need help locating the supplier for Guide to USGS
publications (formerly, Guide to USGS Geologic and Hydrolic Maps).  We
used to receive it from Documents Index, Inc., but I have tried two sets
of phone numbers this morning, and neither turned out to be Documents
Index, Inc.

If someone has an edition more recent than 1996, could you please share the
supplier information with me?  Any and all current contact information
will be warmly appreciated.  I have tried both BIP+ and Ulrich's.

Please reply directly to me, and NOT to the list.  THANKS!!

Sarah Tusa
Serials Acquisitions Librarian
Lamar University                      
ph: 409 880-8125                                fax: 409 880-8225