Civil Rights UPDATE (fwd) Nancy Phillips 08 Jun 2000 14:59 UTC

Our Gov Docs person asked me to forward this to this e-list. Any help would
be appreciated.

>Subject: Civil Rights UPDATE
>I have sent this to multiple lists, please excuse the duplication.
>I have a question(s) regarding _Civil Rights UPDATE_ published by the U.S.
>Commission on Civil Rights. ( CR 1.15:   Item #  0288-A-05 )  We received
>the Winter 1997 issue and then didn't receive another one until
>Winter/Spring 1999 (in August 1999)  and we haven't received any more
>since.  I cannot locate any info re: this title anywhere.
>Can anyone shed some light on what is going on with it?
>Any help is appreciated.
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