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Re: ? wording on shelf dummies -- John Lucas Stephen D. Clark 24 Jul 2000 20:06 UTC

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Subject: Re: ? wording on shelf dummies -- Steve Black
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:38:57 -0600
From: John Lucas <>

We do not use book dummies for indicating missing volumes or other
locations such as Microform Room, etc.

We DO use them for "Title Changes"  AND for Acronyms that are part of
the title (JAMA = Journal of the American Medical Association ; AJNR =
American Journal of Neuroradiology etc.) STM Titles 'love' to do this. A
number of British publications (British journal of .. Anesthesiology,
Urology, etc.) are doing this now for more 'international scope; 'global
economy'. (whatever)

In 1994, I looked all of the Library Suppy Catalogs for book dummies,
and in the 400 unit range, they were still quite expensive per unit and
did not seem all that sturdy.

Instead what we did was to get Top quality (clear grained, no knots) 2
by 8  lumber and had our Carpentry Section cut them into lengths about
the height of the book dummy (so there was no wastage)  Even at top
quality, the cost per unit was LESS than for a Library Supply one and
they are almost indestructable. The Carpentry Dept. thought it was a
waste of good lumber.

On the front edge of the dummy, I created a small template
      (journal title)

On the back edge of the dummy, I put another template:
   SHELVED AT THE END OF:  (journal title)

3 inch "scotch brand" Clear Book Repair Tape covers the slips. Wood ones
will not Wear out or 'look that way'

John Lucas

Serials Librarian
University of Mississippi Medical Center
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