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Summary of Responses on Bind Prep -- Dennis Goodyear Stephen D. Clark 26 Jul 2000 13:07 UTC

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Subject: Summary of Responses on Bind Prep
   Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 15:27:51 -0600
   From: Dennis Goodyear <>

 Thanks to those who responded to my question about procedures for
handling incomplete volumes that are waiting for backordered issues
before they can go to the bindery.  We received 15 responses, and a
brief summary follows: Where to keep incomplete and unbound
volumes: Storage in a staff (non-public) area (Tech Services, Mailroom,
etc.)  9With Bound Periodicals, either loose or in single issue binders
2 Use of temporary binding techniques after searching for missing issues
and until replacements arrive  4        Specific methods
recommended:            Therm-a-Bind (or Handi-Bind)  2
Princeton file  1            Blade-Lok Publication Binder  1 For those
keeping issues in non-public holding areas, who has authority to pull
from shelf?         Reference staff  3        Serials staff  3
All staff (Circ/ILL/Ref)  2 Security measures taken to enforce proper
return of pulled issues:         Take patron I.D. card  3        ILL
handles requests  1 Specific recommendations both for and against
temporary binding:         For  2        Against  2 Length of time to
hold incomplete volumes in "bind prep" area was generally not addressed,
but those who did mention it recommended 6-12 months. Other
suggestions:     Make sure holdings are accurate and show where issues
are located.    Make current lists of what is being held in "bind prep"
available for Public Services staff (Circ, Ref, ILL).    Put blocks on
shelves where journal would be located informing patron to ask staff for
assistance. Tips for getting replacement issues:     Direct from
publisher    Through back issue dealers (USBE, Absolute)    BACKSERV or
OhioLINK discard listserv (Backmed and Med. Lib. Assoc. list of
duplicates for medical journals). Thanks again.  If anyone else would
like to contribute, please do. Dennis L. GoodyearCataloging Technician,
Serials UnitPenrose LibraryUniversity of