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Modern medicine mix-up with ISSN 0026-8070? -- Jan Lahmeyer Stephen D. Clark 02 Aug 2000 12:11 UTC

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Subject: Modern medicine mix-up with ISSN 0026-8070?
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 12:34:23 +0200
From: Jan Lahmeyer <>

Dear Serialsters,

According to information recieved from EBSCO the journal "Modern
medicine" ceased publication after March 2000. This should be the
journal started its publication in 1932.
Some bibliographic descriptions of this journal use ISSN 0026-8070.

When I search in ISSN online on "Modern medicine" I didn't find the
correct publication, because this ISSN 0026-8070 is now used for
another publication.

When you click on the related titles in ISSN online after 1921 you
don't retreive any title that is the current publication entitled
"Modern medicine" again!

My question is: what is the authority and power of the national
ISSN Centres when they use a long existing ISSN (which was still
printed in the recently ceased journal itself) for another journal
which has been published no more since 1921?

After cataloguing serials since 1972 I'm very much disappointed in
this policy of re-using current ISSN's. Who is in charge of all this
and who gives the solution to this mix-up?

Following are results of some searches today.

1) presentation (shortened by me) in ISSN Online (Aug. 2, 2000)

                                    There are 968454 records in the
ISSN Online Home Page

ISSN:  0026-8070
Key title: Modern medicine (Chicago, Ill.)
Title proper: Modern medicine
Place of publication: Chicago, Ill.
Publisher: Modern Hospital Pub. Co.
Continues: Interstate medical journal ISSN = 1047-3491
Continued by: Nation's health (Chicago, Ill.) ISSN = 1076-0709
Status: Title no longer being published (D)
Start date: 1919
End date: 1921
Frequency: Monthly (M)
ISSN Centre: United States Of America (1)

2) presentation (shortened by me) in LC catalog online (Aug. 2,

Database Name: Library of Congress Online Catalog
 YOU SEARCHED: Guided Keyword = (modern)[in Title: All (KTIL)]
AND (medicine)[in Title: All (KTIL)]
 SEARCH RESULTS: Displaying 45 of 373 records
Modern medicine.
 LC Control Number: 46032450
Type of Material: Serial (Periodical, Newspaper, etc.)
   Brief Description:
Modern medicine.
                 [New York, etc., Modern Medicine Publications, etc.]
                 v. ill., diagrs. 21-23 cm.
                 v. 1- Oct. 1932-
            ISSN: 0026-8070

3) presentation (shortened by me) in the British Library (Aug. 2,
ISSN:  00268070
DSC Shelfmark: 5889.810000
DSC: Vol. 18, 1950- 68(3), 2000 *A=1   Held but not currently

4) presentation (shortened by me) in the German
"ZeitschriftenDatenBank" - ZDB - (Aug. 2, 2000)

[ Database: Zeitschriftendatenbank | Search Query: ( ft: Modern)
AND ( ft: medicine ) AND ( ss: 0026-8070 ) | Limits: None |
Results: 1 items ]

Nr. 1
     JT - Modern medicine
    ST - the journal of medical progress
    PP - Minneapolis, Minn.
    PB - 1932
    PD - 1.1932 -
    SS -  0026-8070
    CY - us


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