E-Journals, Holdings & Uncover -- J. Emery Stephen D. Clark 04 Aug 2000 17:10 UTC

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Subject: E-Journals, Holdings & Uncover
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 11:22:20 -0500
From: J Emery <emery@library.uta.edu>

Hello Everybody!

Ok, We're about at our wits end here at the
University of Texas at Arlington Libraries in our
Acquisitions/Cataloging Services Department.

Our Head of this department, has been trying to
get our e-journal holdings to show up in Uncover
for about six months now to no avail.

Here's what we've tried using the one record

We've coded the LDR in the following manner:

SIHD to represent our print subscription holdings
and these holdings interface with the MARC tag
field 852 and show up in Uncover like a charm
from our Union List tapes.

SCHD to represent our e-subscription holdings and
these holdings are not interfacing with the MARC
tag field 856 and are not showing up in Uncover
from our Union List tapes.

Has anyone out there in the Serials World figured
out how to make this work?

We're trying to keep our faculty from using ILL
for resources we have available electronically.

So if you have another way to remedy this issue,
we're all ears.

Thanks alot,


Jill Emery
Collections & Acquisitions Specialist
UTA Libraries
702 College St.
Arlington, TX 76019-0497

(817)272-5804 (fax)