LARS (Susan Andrews) Marcia Tuttle 11 Aug 2000 22:06 UTC

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 12:18:12 -0500
From: Susan Andrews <Susan_Andrews@TAMU-COMMERCE.EDU>
Subject: LARS

We will soon be starting to use LARS with the Heckman Bindery and I have
one question for those who have been using LARS.  We have the choice of
sending a disk or ftping each shipment.  Does anyone who has used LARS have
a preference for either method?  If so, why do you have this preference?  I
appreciate any input on this subject.

Thanks in advance,

Susan Andrews
Head, Serials Librarian
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429-3011