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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 15:39:15 -0500
Subject: Candidates for _Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web_

  _Candidates for _Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web_

       I am greatly interested in identifying additional Web collections
that have adopted/adapted Library classification schemes or controlled
vocabularies to organize Web resources. These will be reviewed for
inclusion in my Web clearinghouse _Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for
Organizing the Web_.

    _Beyond Bookmarks_ is available at:

      I am not only interested in the application of international schemes
such as Dewey and Library of Congress, but *national and local* library
schemes as well. Of particular interest is the application of a
*controlled vocabulary* for organizing or augmenting access to a Web

   Among the sites that I have recently added is the AgNIC [ ] site from the National Agricultural Library (NAL)
that makes use of an internally-developed thesaurus titled "NAL
Agricultural Classification Prototype "
[ ]

  As Always, Any and All contributions, queries, critiques, comments,
questions, concerns, etc., etc. are Most Welcome.


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