Performance measures for serials staff Christa Easton 24 Aug 2000 23:11 UTC

Back in October, Donnice Cochenour posted a question to the
list regarding check in rate.  In preparing for Stanford's
performance management, I am finding myself at a loss for
performance measures.  I'm curious to know how other
serials departments judge the performance of their staff
for ordering and claiming.

Since we all have different operations, I am curious about
the units that folks use, rather than a particular
standard.  For example, for check in it might be "X pieces
per hour with error rate at or below X."

I'm wrestling with claiming in particular.  Pure output
does not seem like a good idea, since discretion can be
the better part of valor in many cases.  If we set a turn
around standard, we might run into trouble with vendors
because some branches can be a bit...eager in their
requests for claims.

I am sure that people out there have been able to develop
more subtlety in these measures, and I'm eager to hear
from you.

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