Re: Title Indexing in Online Systems Alfred Kraemer 25 Aug 2000 17:55 UTC

If it is done systematically for all journals, it would certainly strike
me as odd. However, we do quite regularly add added title entries for
acronyms that are used on the journal's cover page.
We only add such added acronyms if there is a need e.g. patrons or staff
alert us.
There are many journals that display an acronym on the cover but still use
the full spelled-out title inside the journal.

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From: "Joe Edelen" <jedelen@USD.EDU>
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Subject: Title Indexing in Online Systems

> I ran across a way of indexing periodical titles in an online system
> that I had never seen or even heard of before: in an indexed added
> title field an acronym was inserted that contained the first letter
> of each significant word of the title e.g. Journal of Time
> Management     would be      JTM
> Is this a common practice?  Is it unique to one particular type of
> library (the library I saw it in was a medical library)?
> It certainly did prove to be a very quick way to search and retrieve
> the title record.
> Thanks for your time to respond.
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