Re: Criteria for choosing a serials vendor? Kent Mulliner 31 Aug 2000 20:24 UTC

In addition to Terence's recommendations, I would add:
             Guide to performance evaluation of serials vendors
                 / Association for Library Collections & Technical
                 Services, Serials Section Acquisitions Committee
                  Chicago : American Library Association, 1997
                 Acquisitions Guidelines No. 10

                 kent mulliner, ohio university libraries

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At 03:15 PM 8/31/00 -0400, Terence Rose wrote:
>Hi Phyllis,
>The sources I have used are "Guidelines for Handling Library Orders"
>Acquisition Guidelines no.7 by Serials Section Acquisitions Committee of
>the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (the source
>is dated but it will give you a good overview) and an excellent source
>that I have used is the "RFP Process: Effective Management of the
>Acquisition of Library Materials" by Frances C. Wilkinson and Connie
>Thorson published by Libraries Unlimited. ISBN 1-5-56308-481-3 (PS: I
>reviewed this book in Serials Review) this book will give you examples of
>criteria for choosing a Serials Vendor.
>These two sources should provide information and point to other sources
>for further research.
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>What criteria is used to choosing a Serials vendor?
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