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Routed journals not returned -- Jody Newton Stephen D. Clark 03 Jan 2001 13:36 UTC

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Subject: Routed journals not returned
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 11:12:36 -0500
From: "Newton, Jody" <>

I have a problem I hope someone has some suggestions for.  I'm sure it
is a
common problem.

We are a small federal library that deals mainly with
fire/disaster/emergency related titles.  We route quite a few journals
around campus in red binders (the kind that open and close with the help
allen wrenches).  Recently, several binders came back empty and without
routeslip.  I have no idea who had them, how long they were MIA, or what
titles they were.

My supervisor has asked me to come up with some suggestions.  I am going
look through our supply catalogs to see what they have, but I wanted to
around for some suggestions here, too.  Our policy so far is this:  I
things around for up to one month.  After that, you can expect an email
me reminding you to return it if you have it.  I am lenient for the
routeslips that are very long.  After that, if it is not returned (and
it is
not a multiple-copy subscription) I will not route any future issues of
title until the one in question is returned.  This very rarely happens.
when I don't know what the journal even is, I can't do anything, can I?

What do other libraries do about this problem, and what types of binders
any) do you use?

Thank you!

Jody Newton
National Emergeny Training Center Library
Emmitsburg, MD  21727
(301) 447-1354