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American Association of Cancer Research Titles (episode 2) John Lucas 30 Jan 2001 21:54 UTC


Back in Nov. 2000, we recieved information from the subscription agent
handling the AACR titles that indicated for the AACR publications,
Institutions were not going to have a choice on purchasing only some of
their publications. (ALL OR NOTHING).  For our library, we were already
subscribing to all 4 of its main publications.  For 2001, it was announced
there would be a new title, Molecular Cancer THERAPY for 2001.

 I believe there was come discusion on this on the listserve earlier.
Some institutions (with multiple libraries) were wondering about how they
were going to get 2nd copies of some titles.  I will gladly stand
corrected (and chastised) if my memory is incorrect.

A second part of this AACR situation was that our vendor indicated that
one title, Cell Growth & Differentiation was going to change to Molecular

PROBLEM:  Did other institutions receive the same sort of title change

Well, we just received Volume 12, issue 1, 2001 of Cell Growth &
Differentiation. There appears to be NO title change.

Be forewarned.  The title change may come later, OR NOT AT ALL !

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