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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 10:43:46 -0400
From: Werner Lind <wlind@MAIL.BLUEFIELD.EDU>
Subject: Re: Bindery & Electronic Journals -- Terry Schiissler

    Our policy here has been not to retain bound volumes where the full
text is available on JSTOR, and not to bind unbound runs of the same
titles that are more current than JSTOR's "moving wall."  However,
although very expensive paper subscriptions to titles for which we have
current full-text online access have been dropped, we still bind the paper
copies of these which we already have, to make them easier to store and
handle, and we have not reduced our bindery budget, since many of the
other titles we need to bind are not available here in an online form.
We are committed to maintaining as much paper access to useful periodicals
as we can afford and have space to store; we use the electronic format as
a supplement to stretch these limitations, not as a replacement for the
paper format.  So far, identifying titles to which we have online access
has not been too time-consuming.

    We are a small library with a limited budget, only about 200
periodical subscriptions, and a very irregular binding schedule depending
largely on budgetary considerations.  Since your library's circumstances
and your philosophical approach to the problem may well differ, our
practice may or may not have any usefulness as an example for you.

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> Subject: Bindery & Electronic Journals
> Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:08:12 -0600
> From: Terry Schiissler <>
> Hello fellow SERIALSTers,
> Many libraries are able to access journals electronically, or  have
> journals within their collections included in many of the electronic
> databases,  now available (either through a consortial arrangement or
> through outright purchase).
> My question is - how has this affected your bindery or pre-bindery
> operations?
> Have you maintained your bindery budget at the same levels or at
> reduced levels?
> Do you still bind materials that are now being received in an
> electronic format?
> Are you giving any thought to stop binding altogether?
> Are you using the bindery operation for monographic rebinds only now
> that many journals are available electronically?
> Have you had time and the labour/staff to be able to verify what should
> or should not be bound because of journals being available
> electronically?
> Are there any other bindery questions I should be thinking of because
> of journals now being received in electronic form?
> I do not know if I can summarize for the list and am hoping the replies
> can be posted to the list.
> Many thanks in advance for all your thoughts
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