Re: Sloan Management Review Regina Reynolds 13 Jul 2001 17:39 UTC


Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a new ISSN to be printed on
the first issue of a changed title.  We at NSDP highly encourage
publishers to plan for title changes in advance and apply for new ISSN in
time for the ISSN to be printed on the first issue with the changed title
but this does not always happen. Sometimes publishers do not think of a
design change as causing a title change and it is only later that the
change is discovered and a new ISSN is assigned and given to the

Nonetheless,  the effective date of the ISSN is the date of the
first issue under the new title, as reflected on an OCLC record
authenticated by NSDP. Some A&I services only pick up changed titles when
the new ISSN appears on the issue, so their dates could be out of sync as
well.  In this case you should consider that the title changed as of the
winter 1998 issue.

I think I remember some question about whether this title had changed or
not, perhaps the location of the letters "MIT" was problematic.  My
recollection is that in consultation with David Van Hoy of MIT, we agreed
that this was a title change and agreed on the date of the change.

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On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Liz Grimsbo wrote:

> How are other libraries handling the Sloan Management Review title
> change?  The OCLC records show that the title changed to MIT Sloan
> Management Review with v.39:2 (Winter 1998).  The ISSN in the issues didn't
> change until v.42:2 (Winter 2001).  Indexes such as Wilson Business and
> Wilson Select on FirstSearch don't show a change in title until
> v.42:2.   Thanks in advance for your help!
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