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The preparation time depends on how soon you can
upgrade your hardware, configure your printers and
barcode scanners (if you choose to checkin by SCISAC
barcode#).  I suggest that you get the largest monitor
you can, Milser staff mode requires a large screen
display with split windows.  The training time depends
on the size of your staff and whether you have
designated trainers who can take time to train
themselve using the Innovative Manual and train your
staff.  Workflow for most of the functions does not
have to be changed immediately, you can begin using
Milser and review your procedures and make changes
gradually.  It isnot much different from the
character-based system, but a lot easier to work in
Milser.  For majority of the modules, it takes
probably less than a week for an individual who has
worked on the character-based system to learn
Millennium and start operating in Millennium.
However, you will continue to struggle and learn to
set up Checkin Card parameters and holdings for
complex publication patterns.  Nevertheless, I must
say that of all the modules, creating and updating
Holdings is very very different from character-based
system, if you choose to begin using MARC 21 format
for your holdings. I suggest that you use the
Innovative's tutorial on Millennium holdings as a
starter.  There are a number of local decision need to
be made prior to implement Millennium holdings., such
as: use MARC 21 for holdings format or non-MARC Lib
Has free text holdings statement, display caption?
Level 3 or level 4 of specificity? Use Milser Holdings
Editor to input caption pattern? or import pattern
from ??? (e.g. OCLC 891 field)?

Have fun!

-- Julie

Julie Su
Digital Resources/Serials Librarian
Library and Information Services
San Diego State University
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