SwetsnetNavigator adds Elsevier Science's ScienceDirect titles (Sarah Kellman) Marcia Tuttle 13 Sep 2001 21:03 UTC

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 16:36:56 +0200
From: Sarah Kellman <skellman@SWETS.NL>
Subject: SwetsnetNavigator adds Elsevier Science's ScienceDirect titles

Lisse, the Netherlands
September 13, 2001

SwetsnetNavigator adds Elsevier Science's ScienceDirect titles

Swets Blackwell announced today that Elsevier Science's ScienceDirect titles
are now available via SwetsnetNavigator, their electronic journal service.
This development means that all authorized users of SwetsnetNavigator
worldwide whose institutions are also subscribers to ScienceDirect, can
access Elsevier Science journal articles.  Links to full text will only be
displayed and access will only be granted to users with ScienceDirect

Users will be able to search across all Elsevier Science journals' abstracts
and TOCs in SwetsnetNavigator, and link directly from the SwetsnetNavigator
interface to the SummaryPlus page and subsequent full text in ScienceDirect.
Furthermore, all SwetsnetNavigator functionalities will be available, such
as SDIs, TOC alerts, browsing across TOCs, as well as linking via abstracts,
TOCs and search results.

Yvonne Campfens, Director of Publisher Relations & Marketing at Swets
Blackwell, is enthusiastic about this new development: "We are very happy to
have Elsevier Science titles accessible via SwetsnetNavigator. Access has
often been requested by our customers, and we are pleased to have found a
solution for offering it to them. We believe that by adding the 1,200
Elsevier Science titles to SwetsnetNavigator, we are giving users an
increasingly indispensable service."

Note to Editors:
For further information please contact Sarah Kellman, Communication
Swets Blackwell
P.O.Box 830
2160 SZ Lisse, The Netherlands
Tel:  +31 (0)252 435 584
Fax: +31 (0)252 415 888
Email: press@nl.swetsblackwell.com <mailto:press@nl.swetsblackwell.com>