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Subject: DC-2001: Call for Papers and Participation

       ******    CALL FOR PAPERS AND PARTICIPATION    ******


               International Conference on Dublin Core
                   and Metadata Applications 2001


 Date:       22 - 26 October 2001
 Venue:      National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan
 Sponsors:   National Institute of Informatics (NII, http://www.nii.ac.jp/)
             Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI, http://dublincore.org/)
             National Diet Library (http://www.ndl.go.jp/)
             Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST,
             Communications Research Laboratory (CRL, http://www.crl.go.jp/)
             University of Library and Information Science (ULIS,

 Providing machine-understandable data on the Web has become a priority
 not just for publishers and scientific communities, but for a wide
 range of commercial ventures and services.  Resource discovery across a
 diversity of services on the emerging Semantic Web is facilitated by
 the use of shared metadata vocabularies such as the Dublin Core
 Metadata Element Set.

 The Dublin Core workshop series has provided a forum for international,
 cross-disciplinary metadata development since 1995.  DC-2001, ninth in
 this series, will include an international conference for the broader
 metadata community with three principal missions:

 -- to provide a forum to discuss further development of the Dublin Core
    and related metadata standards
 -- to provide a forum to present and exchange new ideas about metadata
    and applications, not limited to Dublin Core, and
 -- to provide tutorials on the creation, management, and use of
    metadata applications.

 DC-2001 is the first event in the DC Workshop series to be hosted in
 Asia and is also the first event to include conference and tutorial
 tracks in addition to the workshop.

 The Workshop track (Monday-Wednesday, 22-24 October), will feature
 technical meetings of ongoing working groups of the Dublin Core
 Metadata Initiative.  The agenda for the workshop track is under
 development in DCMI Working Groups.  All active members of working
 groups, and others who would like to become active, are invited to

 The Conference track (Wednesday-Friday, 24-26 October), will feature
 paper presentations, tutorials and special sessions dedicated in
 specific topics, e.g. Education and Government Information.
 The advance program is attached below. DC-2001 is planning to
 extend the conference program for a special session dedicated in
 the Semantic Web activity of the World Wide Web consortium in
 the afternoon on Friday October 26.

============ Conference Advance Program =============

-------------------------- October 24 --------------------------------

1:00pm  Opening
        Reports from Workshop and DCMI
        Stuart Weibel, Makx Dekkers (DCMI)

2:00pm  break

2:20pm  Track 1:
        Special Session 1: Metadata in Education
           organizer: TBA (Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium
                          (ALIC), Japan)

        Track 2:
        Paper Session1: Queries
        - Chutiporn Anutariya et al.: RDF Declarative Description
             (RDD): A Language for Metadata
        - Danyang Wen et al.: Multilingual Access to Dublin Core
             Metadata of ULIS Library
        - Curtis Dyreson et al.: MetaXPath

3:50pm  break (coffee)

4:10pm  Track 1:
        Special Session 2: Government Information
           organizer: Makx Dekkers (DCMI)

        - Maewyn Cumming: Metadata in the UK
        - Leif Andresen: The use of Metadata in Denmark
        - TBA

        Track 2:
        Paper Session 2: Metadata for Learners
        - Stuart Sutton and Jon Mason: The Dublin Core and Metadata
             for Educational Resources
        - Eva Heinrich and Jisong Chen: A Framework for the
             Multi-modal Description of Learning Objects
        - Jane Greenberg, et al.: Author-generated Dublin Core
             Metadata for Web Resources: A Baseline Study in an Organization

6:00pm  Posters & Reception

        - Do-Nyun Kim and Young-Won Song, Interoperable Summary
             Description Model Using Dublin Core
        - Simon C. Lin, et al., A Metadata Case Study for the FRBR
             Model Based on Chinese Painting and Calligraphy at the
             National Palace Museum in Taipei
        - Yong Soon Kim, et al., Adopting DC Metadata for Union Serial
             System of KERIS: It's Design and Implementation
        - Carola Wessel, A Metadata Application Profile for the German
             Virtual Library
        - Shubhada Nagarkar, et al., Design and Implementation of
             Metadata for Indian Fungi (Heterobasidiomycetes): Lessons
             From Library and Information Science Field
        - Yukiko Sakai, Metadata for EBM Resources
        - Kazuhiko Asou, et al., A report on Dublin Core based research
             information service on mathematics
        - Soile Hirvasniemi and Kai Oorni, Educational Information in
             the Web: Discussing the Metadata Requirements for a Web
             Service Guiding Citizens' Education
        - Katherine Evans, When Raw Data Becomes Its Own Metadata: New
             Models for Metadata Creation in the U.S. National Park
        - Mary Woodley, The San Fernando Valley History Digital
             Project: a Collaborative Digital Project Between Local
             Historical Societies and a University Library
        - Kazushi Ohya, Necessities on a Descriptive Level for Reusing
             Matadata Descriptions
        - Rei Atarashi, et al., Priority Control Mechanism managed by
        - Yasuki Kaneko, ISI's Implementation of Network Resources
             in Secondary Database: Selection Criteria, Metadata, and

-------------------------- October 25 --------------------------------

9:30am  Track 1:
        Paper Session 3: Domain Profiles I
        - Thomas Pick, et al.: Management of Environmental Information
             in the European Information and Observation Network
        - Simon Pockley and Emily Cavanagh: Collaborative Cataloguing
             of Moving Images and New Media Art Works
        - Heike Neuroth and Traugott Koch: Metadata Mapping and
             Application Profile. Approaches to Provide for
             Cross-searching of Heterogeneous Resources in the EU
             Project Renardus

        Track 2:
        Paper session 4: Complexity and Granularity
        - Thomas Krichel and Simeon Warner: A metadata framework to
             support scholarly communication
        - Karen Calhoun, et al.: Mixing and Mapping Metadata to
             Provide Integrated Access to Digital Library Collections:
             An Activity Report
        - Maria Luisa Calanag, et al.: A Metadata Approach to Digital

10:30am break

10:45am Track 1:
        tutorial 1: Introduction to Dublin Core Metadata
           Erik Jul (OCLC, USA)

        Track 2:
        Special Session 3: Open Archives Initiative
           organizer Carl Lagoze (Cornell University, USA)

12:15pm Lunch

1:30pm  Keynote
        Makoto Nagao, President, Kyoto University

2:20pm  break

2:30pm  Track 1:
        tutorial 2: Introduction to Resource Description
           Erik Jul (OCLC, USA)

        Track 2:
        Paper session 5: Models
        - Thomas Baker, et al.: What Terms Does Your Metadata Use?
             Application Profiles as Machine-Understandable
        - Carl Lagoze and Jane Hunter: The ABC Metadata Model and
        - John Kunze: A Metadata Kernel for Electronic Permanence

4:00pm  break

4:30pm  Track 1:
        tutorial 3: Introduction to Application Profiles
           Andy Powell and Rachel Heery (UKOLN, UK)

        Track 2:
        Special Session 4: Next Generation Internet
           organizer: Rei Atarashi (CRL, Japan)

6:00pm  Banquet

-------------------------- October 26 --------------------------------

9:15am  Track 1:
        Paper session 6: Domain Profiles II
        - Irene Onyancha, et al.: A Dublin Core Application Profile in
             the Agricultural Domain
        - Davenport Robertson, et al.: Design and Implementation of
             the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
             Dublin Core Metadata Schema
        - Hsueh-hua Chen and Chao-chen Chen: Metadata Development for
             Digital Libraries and Museums  -- Taiwan $B!G (Bs Experience

        Track 2:
        Paper session 7: Tools
        - Mitsuharu Nagamori, et al.: A Multilingual Metadata Schema
             Registry Based on RDF Schema
        - David Hicks and Klaus Tochtermann: Personalizing Information
             Spaces:  A Metadata Based Approach
        - Preben Hansen: Evaluation and Design Issues of Nordic
             Metadata DC Creation Tool

10:15am break
10:30   Track 1:
        Paper session 8: Application Architectures
        - Ann Apps and Ross MacIntyre: zetoc: a Dublin Core Based
             Current Awareness Service
        - Patrick Stickler: Metia - Generalized Metadata Driven
             Framework for the Management and Distribution of
             Electronic Media
        - Thomas Habing, et al.: Qualified Dublin Core using RDF for
             Sci-Tech Journal Articles
        - Enric Peig, et al.: Metadata Interoperability and
             Meta-search on the Web

        Track 2:
        Special Session 5: Geographic Information Systems
           organizers: Morishige Ota (Kokusai Kogyo) and
                       Tadashi Sasagawa (Pasco)

12:00pm break

12:10pm Closing Panel & Wrap up

or 1:30pm Semantic Web Activities and Closing Panel
   Organizer: Thomas Baker (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany)
   Presenter: Eric Miller (W3C), TBA



National Center of Sciences
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430, Japan



- General
                            On or Before   |    After
                         |     Sept 17     |   Sept 18
   Workshop Only         |  20,000 Yen     |  25,000 Yen
   Conference Only       |  20,000 Yen     |  25,000 Yen
   Workshop & Conference |  40,000 Yen     |  50,000 Yen

- Student
                            On or Before   |    After
                         |     Sept 17     |   Sept 18
   Workshop Only         |   8,000 Yen     |  10,000 Yen
   Conference Only       |   8,000 Yen     |  10,000 Yen
   Workshop & Conference |  16,000 Yen     |  20,000 Yen


For more information: http://www.nii.ac.jp/dc2001/

 Organization and chairs

   Conference General Chair: Jun Adachi (NII, Japan)
   Program Co-chairs:        Thomas Baker (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany)
                             Shigeo Sugimoto (ULIS, Japan)
   Tutorial Chair:           Erik Jul (OCLC, USA)
   Local Arrangements Chair: Keizo Oyama (NII, Japan)