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The LAC materials were published in the sixties by a unit (subsidiary,
spinoof, or whatever) of Encyclopedia Britannica.  It cost vast
amounts of money at the time, but was somewhat useful to the many
colleges that were booming with baby boomers and needed to expand

The 300x microform was never very satisfactory.  The readers were even
less satisfactory. Most of us are familiar with the problems of moving
normal microfiche around and trying to get a page centered on the
screen to be read.  With the much greater reduction in size of the
image, that problem became very serious.  There aren't very many
working readers left in the world, I'm sure.  There was never a reader
printer, so that reduced further the popularity of the collection with
both librarians and students.  Finally, the problem of cataloging the
whole collection was daunting, and many libraries never cataloged the
contents of the collection.

The above is from my memory, further clouded by antibiotics as I sit
at home on sick leave.  Corrections are welcomed from others who
remember the purchase of the collections in their libraries.


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