Re: West Group packing slips (Connie Foster) Connie Foster 19 Sep 2001 13:55 UTC

I have a "bundle" of them saved from my accounts specialist and have
emailed their customer service people to register my agitation. It is
difficult to peel and save to match against invoices without having a lot
of unsightly brown paper raggedly framing the edges! Surely there is a
better way. Wonder if they beta-tested in "their house." Connie Foster

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ELEANOR COOK <> wrote:
> We have noticed recently that West Group packing slips have changed.
> They used to be approx. 6 x 7 1/2 inch pieces of paper that came in an
> envelope on the outside of the box. They are now peel off labels. These
> new labels are hard to handle and the staff here have called West to
> complain.  We use these packing slips for inputting invoice information
> into our online system. They are saved until the actual invoice comes
> (around once a month) and travel along with the invoice since they show
> the charges per title.
> The other change we have noticed is that they used to break down
> state tax on the packing slip - these amounts are entered into
> our online system in a different fund code. This information is no
> longer provided on the packing slip. The customer service rep. I spoke
> to said that the new invoice will show this detail, but we have not
> seen one of these yet. Once we see a new version of the invoice our
> concern might be alleviated (or aggravated, we're not sure yet).
> In the mean time, our staff's main complaint is that these packing
> slips are hard to handle and keep, don't always peel off correctly,
> etc.  The customer service people at West Group seem well aware that
> customers do not like this change.
> If your library is receiving these new labels and your staff find them
> troublesome, please complain. Maybe they will listen if enough people
> call them.
> Thanks,
> Jackie Byrd and Mary Ruble
> Appalachian State University
> Boone, NC 28608
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