Re: West Group packing slips (Rachel Hollis) rachel hollis 19 Sep 2001 16:18 UTC

There was an unbelievable amount of traffic about this on the American
Association of Law Libraries discussion lists last month.  Basically the
first batch of these new labels were defective in that they were too
sticky, West knows that they've a number of unhappy customers because of
this change, West still feels that the new labels are an improvement.  An
email with information-packed URLs was posted to one of the Law lists.  It
is attached below:

>CRIV Gram - [September 4, 2001] -
>The CRIV has posted a response from West Group to recent listserv discussion
>on its web page (<>).
>The page includes links to West Business Systems Initiative (BSI), a West
>Statement, and previous West CRIVgrams.  The West Statement
>is a response to customer concerns regarding their new billing system.
>Regarding the current CRIV solicitation for specific West billing issues,
>the CRIV will report its findings to the library community as well as West
>Carol N. Rogers
>AALL Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV)
>Latham & Watkins
>520 South Grand Avenue, Suite 200
>Los Angeles  CA 90071
>CRIVGrams and CRIV Alerts are issued by the AALL Committee on Relations with
>Information Vendors (CRIV) and are intended to inform librarians about
>issues concerning publishers.  Questions about CRIVGrams and Alerts
>generally should be addressed to Sara Galligan, CRIV Chair.  Questions about
>matters presented in a specific message should be addressed to the *contact*
>individual listed in the body of the announcement.  An archive of CRIVGrams
>and CRIV Alerts is available in CRIV Page,  the committee's Web site at
>The purpose of this posting is to provide information and should not be
>considered an endorsement of a particular company or its products by CRIV or

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