Serials, the journal of serials community -more generally available Helen L Henderson 19 Sep 2001 16:30 UTC

Serials, the journal for the serials community, now more generally

The United Kingdom Serials Group (UKSG) has announced that it will make
its prestigious journal Serials available to non-members worldwide on
subscription from 2002.  The new editors of the journal Hazel Woodward and
Helen Henderson have broadened the scope of the journal and want to make
it more accessible to the information community around the world.  Hazel
Woodward (the University Librarian at Cranfield University and Director of
the Cranfield University Press) said, "some organisations who are not
currently members of the UK Serials Group would really like access to the
journal.  By making it available more generally we hope to get a wider
circulation, more contributions and a greater influence for UKSG within
the serials industry".

 UKSG members will continue to have other exclusive benefits.  In addition
to the discounts on the conference and seminars, later this year will see
the introduction of the members' electronic newsletter.  Helen Henderson
commented, "it is clear that we need two channels of communication; the
purely electronic medium for topical and fast moving information, and the
journal for more substantial article and archive information".

UKSG also hopes that more people will take advantage of the electronic
version which has been available through CatchWord (an ingenta company)
for two years.  Bev Acreman (Marketing Director of Taylor & Francis) of
the UKSG Marketing Sub-Committee said, "with the introduction of the
online edition of Serials, we have added some real value to this important
journal.  For the first time you will be able to follow reference links
forward and backwards through citing and cited articles right back to the
original article where they are available online.  This is all possible
using the recent CrossRef technology project where to date, there are 70
publishers participating accounting for over 3,800 journals with about 3
million article records in the database. In addition, any websites listed
within Serials articles will be automatically hyperlinked enabling you to
click straight through to them, plus email any authors who have included
their email addresses in the article".

 Serials is published three times a year and contains articles, summaries of
key issues for the community, book reviews as well as industry and people

 A free sample issue of Serials is available at

 For more information contact:

 Ms Alison Whitehorn, Business Manager, UK Serials Group Hilltop, Heath End
, Newbury RG20 0AP, UK     Tel.: +44 (0)1635 254292  Fax: +44 (0)1635 253826