Re: Microbook Library of American Civilization (Dan Lester) Dan Lester 20 Sep 2001 12:30 UTC

Yes, I was referring to the ultrafiche nonsense that EB foisted on
many of us several decades ago.  I did know that there was cataloging
available for those willing to pay for it, although that did not exist
at the time it was sold.

The original readers were the abominations, and as you point out, it
is possible to kludge some things together to make the best of a bad
situation.  EB never did offer a reader printer, but creative folks
have made things work for users.

I'm betting that for every library that has made the efforts that you
have there are three with them just sitting uncataloged and unused in
a corner of the microform area.


Wednesday, September 19, 2001, 8:11:34 AM, Elizabeth Parang wrote:

EP> I assume Dan is talking about the ultrafiche LAC.  We have that here at
EP> Pepperdine.  Last year we bought the tape with the catalog records from
EP> OCLC and added them to our Voyage OPAC.  We have seen some increase in use
EP> - previously only a few dedicated faculty were using the ultrafiche.
EP> Formerly we had Minolta readers and just purchased a special high power
EP> lense to magnify the fiche to a readable size.  This summer we switched to
EP> Canon Microfilm scanners; again an additional lens and some "fooling
EP> around" will produce a readable image in most cases.  As with all set the
EP> quality of the microfilming varies greatly.

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