Re: Microbook Library of American Civilization (Karen Nadeski) Karen Nadeski 20 Sep 2001 16:12 UTC

Dan Lester <> wrote:


> I'm betting that for every library that has made the efforts that you
> have there are three with them just sitting uncataloged and unused in
> a corner of the microform area.
> dan


Perhaps.  But as budgets shrink, backlogs get cleared, and retrospective
conversion projects conclude, cataloging "hidden treasures" like
microforms (government documents, archival materials, etc.) FINALLY
becomes a priority, which is good, considering how expensive some of these
micro collections were to purchase in the first place!

It is also good to remind the faculty (perhaps with a promotional flyer)
of these collections, whether cataloged or not, so that they can promote
their use among themselves (since many of these collections were purchased
at their urging) and their students, despite the clunkiness of whatever
viewing apparatus is available at the time.

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