Library Materials Budgets Michelle Sitko 25 Sep 2001 02:19 UTC

Before doing a more detailed literature search (including the SerialsList
archives), I was hoping to get an overall feel for changes experienced at
other institutions with regard to print allocations AND the addition of
electronic resources.

1) In particular, how many of you have been moving money out of the
monographs budget to pay for the growing array of electronic offerings?
If so, what is your current percentage/ratio between books, serials, and
electronic offerings?

2) How many have been asking for NEW monies in support of electronic

I am aware of the fact that ARL provides us with some truly excellent
survey statistics that can be applied in some measure at our smaller
institution, however, I would be very interested in other sources of
potential value.  At Marywood, we have over the past few years been very
creative at building our collections but have come to the point where we
may finally succumb to reallocating some of our monographic funds.

Thank you for any input in advance!

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