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My comments are within the original request.

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> Subject: Library Materials Budgets
> Before doing a more detailed literature search (including the SerialsList
> archives), I was hoping to get an overall feel for changes experienced at
> other institutions with regard to print allocations AND the addition of
> electronic resources.
> 1) In particular, how many of you have been moving money out of the
> monographs budget to pay for the growing array of electronic offerings?
> If so, what is your current percentage/ratio between books, serials, and
> electronic offerings?

We have a different tact on this situation. We cut paper and microform
subscriptions to pay for our electronic offerings.
Books - 52% of budget
Periodicals - 21%
Electronic Resources - 12%

> 2) How many have been asking for NEW monies in support of electronic
> resources?

We did ask for new mony for a product offered through our consortium. I
believe we got the new mony but it went into an account other than the
library budget. What will happen next year is a question mark.

> I am aware of the fact that ARL provides us with some truly excellent
> survey statistics that can be applied in some measure at our smaller
> institution, however, I would be very interested in other sources of
> potential value.  At Marywood, we have over the past few years been very
> creative at building our collections but have come to the point where we
> may finally succumb to reallocating some of our monographic funds.
> Thank you for any input in advance!
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