Re: Closing serial bib record - accounting for partial volumes Susan Andrews 25 Sep 2001 20:49 UTC

At 02:03 PM 09/25/2001 -0400, Elizabeth McDonald wrote:

> When closing a serial bib record for a title change in the 300 field, how
> do you count partial volumes.  The 362 runs from v.13 no.4 to v.17 no.3.
> Are these partial volumes counted on both titles?

It might help you to understand the number of volumes by looking at it
this way.  Vol. 17 is complete for the title that you are working on.
Even though it should normally have 4 iss. to the vol., for that title it
only has 3 iss. for v.17 because it is all that was published for that
title. In other words vol. 17 is complete.  This also applies for the new
title which has only v.17 no.4.  Vol. 17 is complete for the new title
even though it has one iss. and it is #4 because that is all that there is
for that title. I hope that this helps with the concept and doesn't muddy
the waters for you, but it is what worked for me.

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