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The Biomed librarian at my library  just forwarded this to me from MEDLIB-L

>From: "Kleinmuntz, Dalia" <DKleinmuntz@ENH.ORG>
>Reply-To: "Kleinmuntz, Dalia" <DKleinmuntz@ENH.ORG>
>Subject: Re: Institutional Access to Lancet Online
>Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 12:18:31 -0600
>Lancet apparently didn't "give up" on last year's attempt and is trying a
>new gimmick, that will give them a mailing list of users, statistics to
>prove how much money they are loosing, and how much libraries owe them.
>Marketing wonders never cease -
>Dalia at Evanston
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>From:   Margo Coletti
>Sent:   Friday, February 01, 2002 11:59 AM
>Subject:        Institutional Access to Lancet Online
> Here's a new and bizarre twist that our serials librarian
>has come across (her report follows).  This sounds like what Wiley was
>doing a couple of years ago (requiring endusers to register with the
>website even though the institution had a subscription).   But it's
>even more intrusive: Lancet is demanding name, mail address and email
>address.  Then the enduser must assign himself a username and password.
> A large number of complaints to Wiley put an end to the practice of
>requiring enduser registration.  I'm suggesting strongly that this
>practice, if we are indeed understanding it correctly, be protested
>loudly and directly to Lancet.  One question before I call London:
>Has anyone else received the same information as we have?
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> From:         Silver,April D. (Clin Info, PaperChase, Z Clin Inf)
> Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 11:44 AM
> Our 2002 subscription for Lancet is for print with online
>access for multiple users.  I called customer service in NY
>(1-800-462-6198) for help activating our multiple user access.
>Reading from instructions from the London Office, Bernice In
>Customer Service told me that institutions cannot post generic
>usernames and passwords on their web sites even with multiple
>use subscriptions.  Each user must register, "claim access,." and
>create a different username and password.  To register, each user
>must register with the subscription number and authentication code
>(registrants are instructed to ask their librarians for the numbers
> -- librarians get the numbers from Lancet by letter or telephone
>call), provide name, address, email address, position and medical
>specialty, and then create his or her own username and password.
>To avoid the step of having each patron supply the subscription
>number and authentication code, institutions can register IP
>address by emailing them to  But even with
>IP registration each user must still register and create his or her
>own username and password.
> Bernice suggested that the library could register 4 or 5 times and
>create 4 or 5 usernames and passwords that could be posted on its
>website for patrons to use.  But if patrons happened to try to use the
>same username and password at the same time they would get a message that
>the username and password were in use and not be able to log in.  The
>person who devised this scenario is Katy Budgen in London.  Her telephone
>number is 011442076114100.  Bernice could not find an email address
for Katy.
>(One more question: Does anyone have an email address for
>"Katy"?  mhc)

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