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Re: Contact information of "Newsletter - Center for ChineseResearchmaterials" -- Linda Pitts Stephen Clark 01 Apr 2002 16:43 UTC

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Subject: Re: Contact information of "Newsletter - Center for
ChineseResearchmaterials" -- Tracy Lee
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 08:30:14 -0800
From: Linda Pitts <lmpitts@U.WASHINGTON.EDU>


The address we had was the same Oakton, Virginia address that came up in
the online Serials Directory.  But a search on the author, Center for
Chinese Research Materials, turned up this address for the Center:

Center for Chinese Research Materials, Association of Research
1527 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, DC 20036

This publication went through a title change (it's now just "Newsletter"
and "Center for Chinese Research Materials" is no longer part of the
title) and now has ISSN 1065-4569.  I can't tell if it's still being
published.  We haven't received any since no. 44 (fall 1993), but since
were receiving it as a gift, that may not be too relevant.  The OCLC
record (#26333428) still shows it as currently published, but then
the last issue consulted for record was also no. 44, so it might be

Good luck.

                            Linda M. Pitts
                  Head, Serials Receipts, UW Libraries

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> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: contact information of "Newsletter - Center for Chinese
> Researchmaterials"
> Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:00:46 +0800
> From: tracy <tracy@CCMS.NTU.EDU.TW>
> Hi,
> We wish to subscribe "Newsleter -Center for Chinese Research Materials"
> (ISSN 0008-9044). After checking Serials Directory, we have sent our
> request
> to CENTER FOR CHINESE RESEARCH MATERIALS at Virginia twice, but we get
> no
> response. We are not sure the contact information is correct. Could any
> one
> provide us the related subscribed information?  Thank you in advance.
> Tracy Lee
> Serials Librarian
> National Taiwan University Library
> E-mail:
> Tel: (886)-2-23630231 ext. 2273
> Fax: (886)-2-23693601