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Re: "The Pink Sheet" - New ISSN,but is it a title change? -- LeChi Gallagher Stephen Clark 02 Apr 2002 18:25 UTC

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Subject: Re: "The Pink Sheet" - New ISSN,but is it a title change? --
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 12:59:22 -0500
From: LeChi Gallagher <LGallagh@BNA.COM>

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for the helpful information, but I'm still
confused.  If the title changed in 1998, then it needed
 a new ISSN.  Is is possible that ISSN 1430-6240  was the
new one?   I hope someone at NSDP can
confirm this.  I also  suspect the publisher kept using the
old ISSN after the title changed  until they got
the new ISSN.

There's another problem.  According to oclc# 27695743,  the
publication ceased in 2000
(record last replaced in 2001 by NSDP).   Also, as I pointed
out earlier,  the caption title seems to be
 the same, at least according to the issue I have.

 It's a good thing that you still keep the old issues. Maybe
you can figure it out when the change(s) actually took
place, but I hope it doesn't take too much of your time.
Again, many thanks for your help.


Hi LeChi,
I never found the record referred to in the 785 tag either.
The title change took place v.60, no. 8 (Feb. 23, 1998).  The OCLC
record is 49262806.  The title is The pink sheet: prescription
pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.  At that time the ISSN was
1068-5324.  I'll have to dig through our back issues to find out when
the ISSN changed to present 1530-6240.

I don't have the authority to change existing OCLC records, I thought I
sent them a change request to close out #27695743 and correct 785 tag.
I guess I'll have to send it again.

Hope this helps.
PJ Sottile
Washington, DC