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Re: LARS binding software -- 3 messages: Stephen Clark 04 Apr 2002 18:25 UTC

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Subject: Re: LARS binding software -- Mary Williams
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 11:23:14 -0600
From: Susan Andrews <Susan_Andrews@TAMU-COMMERCE.EDU>


We went with LARS a year or two ago and it was pretty smooth and fairly
easy learn (one bonus, when the person is inputting the slips, they can
have a window open to the check-in system and just check to be sure that
they have everything, including supplements).  I had only 2 glitches.
first was the fact that the system will only work with certain printers,
and I didn't have any of what they needed (all too old) and my director
felt that was a software problem and she shouldn't have to spend less
$75 to get what we needed.  It turned out that a laser printer will do,
I have a used laser printer.  Also, since I have more than one person
may work on the bindery, or need that information, we had to network the
software (also because of the printer).  Not a real problem, just
to think about.  It did turn out however, that even when someone else
another laser printer that might have been convenient to use, we could
set up *1* printer for use in the networked environment.  A little
inconvenient (especially for me) at times.  The final problem I am told
that I am the only person to have had.  We decided after the first
to go with ftping the shipment.  They sent us the disks, we loaded them
(and my LARS stuff is on my D drive, and I have virtually nothing else
that drive) and the first time that I used the ftp my computer informed
that I had the Funlove virus and it was attached to my LARS files.  I
the cleanup program, everything was fine until I tried to ftp LARS again
and up popped Funlove.  I had the Computing Dept. guys come over with a
special disk to clean it up (the computer guy made a copy of the virus,
because he thought that it was quite interesting).  The next time I
up Funlove popped.  We uninstalled and cleaned the ftp disks and
reinstalled, and still had the problem.  We got new disks from Heckman,
uninstalled and reinstalled with the new disks and still had the
Heckman checked things out and said there was no problem on their
disks.  I
don't know what the problem was (and I halfway wonder if the fact that
are running Windows NT, which many people are not, could be part of the
problem), but I finally got sick of having to run the virus cleaning
program all the time and we uninstalled the ftp for LARS.  I haven't had
any problems with Funlove since and we send the shipment via diskette.

I think that LARS makes typing the shipment faster and a lot more error
free (especially in the title field).  One more thing, Heckman is
on new Bindery software (LINC, I think) which they anticipate having out
next year.  It is supposed to be pretty similar, just have more report
report capabilities and flexibility.  If you want any more info., just
me a holler.


Susan Andrews
Head, Serials Librarian
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
"Your Success Is Our Business"

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Subject: Re: LARS binding software -- Mary Williams
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 12:39:12 -0500
From: Mark Hemhauser <mbhhbm@AMERICAN.EDU>

I don't recall any glitches or installation problems. We put it on a
network drive and now can have different units do their own entry for
binding. We do periodicals, but processing now enters the monographs and
the music library can enter scores themselves. Also it's available on
desk we create the link on. At present it does not interface with our
check-in system. We tried the z-link interface for book rebinding, but
because we're in a consortium and the z-link does not search barcodes it
wasn't effective. I think we also were not satisfied with how call
were entered, or maybe it was author/title entry that didn't suit our
needs. But I like it better than ABLE. Because it is a database we can
it into MS Access and run queries on it too. From there we can link it
our bib records in Voyager and produce reports with Voyager data. (Oh,
entered the bib numbers from Voyager into the internal id field first,
create the link.) I haven't found uses for this yet, except after a year
you can run lists of what was bound last year during this month and use
that list as a pull list. Most items are bound at the same time of year
it works somewhat well.

Mark Hemhauser
American University Library--Serials

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Subject: Re: LARS binding software -- Mary Williams
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 12:55:20 -0500
From: Sandi Baker <bakersan@LAW.MSU.EDU>

I'm new to this program, but everything appears to be running smoothly.
Sandi Baker

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>Subject: LARS binding software
>Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 16:38:00 -0600
>From: Mary Williams <mwilliams@TARLETON.EDU>
>Good morning!
>We have not automated our bindery procedures and are wondering about
>your experience with LARS.  Can you tell me how well installation went,
>if there were any glitches with existing software, how long it took, and
>how well it works.
>Many thanks,
>Mary W. Williams
>Periodicals Librarian
>Dick Smith Library
>Box T-0450
>Tarleton State University
>Stephenville, TX  76402
>(254) 968-9868
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