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Re: Links from a library catalogue to a vendors passworded entrypage -- Katrina Mckinlay Stephen Clark 01 May 2002 12:42 UTC

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Subject: Re: Links from a library catalogue to a vendors passworded
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 21:18:44 +0930


I promised some time ago to respond to the question I placed below, to let
others know the kinds of responses I received.

Of the 5 responses I received:
    3 libraries added links onto their library catalogue with preference
of direct links to the e-journal title.

    If it wasn't possible to link directly to the e-journal title, 2
libraries also had links on the e-journal record to password pages so that
clients could access the passwords.  Of these 2 libraries the link to the
password for 1 library was passworded to get access to the passwords.
The other library used IP verfication to allow clients to access the
password (ie on site/campus).

In regards to the phrases used on the library catalogue to reflect use by
only some clients, 3 libraries used (or very similar):

"Access restricted to valid ....... users (staff or students).  Ask
reference librarians to sign you on."

One of the libraries included a link directly to their policy page for
their e-journals.

The other library used:

(A) click here to view issues.  1997- (..... users only)
(B) click here for Wiley interscience ejournals (.... users only)

Thanks to those who responded.

I hope this information helps others, it certainly helped me.


Katrina McKinlay

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Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 11:08 PM
Subject: Links from a library catalogue to a vendors passworded entry

> Hi
> I'm currently researching whether any other libraries provide on their
> library catalogue, links for individual e-journals, which when they are
> clicked on, take them to the vendors home page.  The reasoning for choosing
> this arrangement is that several different client groups use the library
> catalogue. At least one or more groups is not covered by the licencing
> arrangements, so it is preferred to have the link go to the vendor homepage
> (password access only).
> Can anyone give me any details of issues that may have occured when
> implementing such a system and how they dealt with them.
> Also does anyone have any suggestions on how to phrase wording in e-journal
> records, when only some users are able to use that particular e-journal.
> Many thanks for your help in advance.
> Regards
> Katrina McKinlay
> South Australia