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Scan needed, one page, Electronic Engineering Times -- Dan Lester Stephen Clark 03 May 2002 17:43 UTC

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Subject: Scan needed, one page, Electronic Engineering Times
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 11:02:13 -0600
From: Dan Lester <>
Reply-To: Dan Lester <>

No, I don't need a scanner.  But I hope that someone with the
following journal and picture would be able to scan the one page and
send it to me via Ariel at Boise State, or as an attachment to this
email address.

I've struck out on all of the traditional methods, and hope that this
request will be acceptable, since it is for something from an
infrequently held serial, and even less frequently retained.

I have a colleague that needs a high quality scan of a picture from
Electronic Engineering Times, October 28, 1992  EETimes/Celebrating
The Engineer

Article Title:   Modem Operandi: VP by Day, 'Shadow Engineer' by Night.
Author:  Bellinger, Robert
Content:  Computer chip designer, Hatch Graham working for Stanford
Telecommunications, Inc.
Photo Caption:  Stanford Telecom's Hatch Graham: From Linebacker to ASIC
Page Number: Unknown

What is needed is a high quality scan of the photo referenced above, a
picture of Hatch Graham.   This would preferably be a TIFF or BMP.  If
someone could email or Ariel me such a file (feel free to ZIP it up if
you email it, but please don't send a lossy file type, such as jpg or

This is needed for publication.  The requester only has a bad
photocopy of the original and has permission from the publisher to
reprint in an alumni magazine.  The publisher, unfortunately, lacks a
of the original issue or photo to scan.



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