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Color coded labeling scheme for journals -- Barbara Blummer Stephen Clark 08 May 2002 14:11 UTC

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Subject: Color coded labeling scheme for journals
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 10:11:22 -0400
From: barbara <bablumm@SUPER.ORG>

We are a small special library and our patrons are accustomed to a
color-coded journal labeling scheme which enables them to tell at a glance
when a journal was received.  Journal labels are changed each Monday to
reflect the receipt date of the issue. For instance, one color indicates
the journal was received the current week, another color denotes a journal
was received the previous week, and another color reflects the journal was
received sometime prior to the previous week.

Although our research staff enjoys the service, the frequent changing of
the labels makes it difficult to fit them into the shelf label holder
without damaging them.  The labels tear and wrinkle and have to be

We would appreciate responses from libraries providing a similar service
to their patrons.

Thank you in advance!

Barbara Blummer
Center for Computing Sciences