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Scanning microscopy. ISSN 0891-7035 Ehrmann 29 Aug 2002 06:58 UTC


I am serials librarian in  a smaller university library at Karlsruhe (about 2000 subscriptions), Southern Germany (in the near of Heidelberg).
We have problems with our subscription to Scanning Microscopy, and perhaps you can help us with informations about this title.
The last issue we got was no. 10.1996. To our multiple repeated claims our subscription agent never got an answer from the publisher. As address there is
"Scanning Microscopy International, c/o AMF O'Hare, PO Box 66507, Chicago, IL 60666-0507, USA", but probably this is no longer the correct one, because
all letters have been sent back to our agent. Does anybody knows a new and correct address of this publisher, or if there is a new publisher, or if the title has
ceased its publication at all?
I would be very pleased at any informations about this. Thanks a lot.

Doris Ehrmann

Doris Ehrmann
Postfach 6920
76049 Karlsruhe
Tel.: 0721/608-3136
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