Re: LinkFinderPlus Mary Curran 31 Oct 2002 21:08 UTC

Hello Cris:  We are also in the process of setting up LinkFinderPlus
through Ontario Scholars Portal, our provincial consortial gateway.
Would love to see the responses posted to the list in a summary form, if
this is not too much to ask.

Thank you and best of luck

Mary Curran
University of Ottawa

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> Hello everyone,
> I am doing some research, and I would like to talk to someone from an
> academic institution that has implemented LinkFinderPlus from Endeavor.  If
> your institution has recently implemented this product and you wouldn't mind
> answering a few questions, please contact me directly at
>  I greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
> Thanks,
> Cris
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> Serials Librarian
> Mississippi State University Libraries
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Mary G Curran (nee Ratsoy)
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