Society for Scholarly Publishing seminars? (Anne Lynch) SERIALST Moderator 07 Oct 2002 16:27 UTC

Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 12:13:39 -0400
From: Anne Lynch <>
Organization: Simmons College Libraries
Subject: Society for Scholarly Publishing seminars?

As a periodicals librarian in an academic library who is very
interested in scholarly publishing issues, a colleague passed
along a flyer describing seminars being held by the Society for
Scholarly Publishing this fall. I had not heard of this society
before. Some of the seminars described sound interesting to me. I
am turning to the list for any advice. Have you attended any
seminars by the Society for Scholarly Publishing? How helpful you
think were any seminars you attended?  -- from a librarian
point-of-view?  I'm limited in my travel budget, and so I need to
choose which conferences to attend carefully. I did attend the
Charleston Conference last year, and would love to attend again,
but I had a scheduling conflict this year.

Anne Lynch
Periodicals Librarian
Simmons College Libraries