Quebec dans le monde (Association) publications: need help interpreting DLC & NLC name authority decisions, et al. Birdie MacLennan 11 Oct 2002 19:51 UTC

Subject:  Quebec dans le monde (Association) publications: need help
interpreting DLC & NLC name authority decisions and whether or not related
bib record(s) constitutes title change

Hello -

I'm hoping someone can help interpret these two name authority records
so that I can use the correct name heading for our local bib and authority
records.  We have several publications produced by the organization:
Québec dans le monde.  When I search this name in the OCLC name authority
file, I retrieve this record ....

        010    no 89006976
        040    DLC-S ßc DLC-S ßd DLC-S
        005    19901228174623.1
        110 2  Alliance Champlain
        410 2  Québec dans le monde (Association)
        670    Le Québec à votre portée, 1988-1989: $b t.p. (Alliance
        Champlain; Sainte-Foy (Québec))
        670    NLC 3/22/89 $b (Alliance Champlain, établie 1981; Québec dans le
        monde (Association), variant name)

We've been using the heading "Alliance Champlain" on our records for
several years -- even though it struck me today that nowhere on the piece
is this name in evidence.  The name that is prominent -- and has been
prominent on the volumes that we have since the mid 1990's is the x-ref
(410):  Québec dans le monde.

So .... I decided to start looking for an authority record in Canadiana --
the NLC-BNC CD product that we have ... and I found the following
authority record for Alliance Champlain.  Note: the "see also" reference
in the 510, preceded by control subfield w. and the 665 that indicates the
name change in Nov. 1988.

        LDR:00614cz   2200181n  4500
        005:19890407      .0
        008:840928nxbacnnnaabn           a0ana
        016:  $a0020D0464
        040:  $aCaOONL$bfre$cCaOONL$dCaOONL
        042:  $anlc
        043:  $an-cn-qu
        110:2 $aAlliance Champlain
        510:2 $wnand $aQuébec dans le monde (Association) $0(CaOONL)0020K4421
        665:  $aÉtablie 1981. Nom changé 18 nov. 1988 à Québec dans le monde
        670:  $a'Association québécoise de diffusion internationale du
        670:  $aConvergences (Sainte-Foy, Québec).

I'm confused because I was unable to find a name authority record for the
later heading, Québec dans le monde (Association) -- not in OCLC and not
in the Canadiana discs (the last update we have is Jan. 2002).  However,
if I look in web Amicus and /or in OCLC, I can find several bib records
that use the later/current heading.  Should the OCLC name authority files
reflect this change?

The problem multiplies when I look at bib records in OCLC and Amicus.  I
was preparing to do a title change in OCLC for this record (because the
words "Répertoire descriptif" (see 245) are no longer anywhere on the
latest volume) ....  The t.p. title for the 2002-2003 vol.  eliminates
"Répertoire descriptif" from the t.p. ... so the "new" title has become
the $p data.

OCLC # ocm27019086

        010   a cn93-30001
        040    NLC ßb fre ßc NLC
        016    930300017
        022 0  1188-4282
        042    nlc ßa isds/c
        043    n-cn-qu
        055 02 NX120*
        082 0  700/.25/714 ß2 20
        090    ßb
        049    VTUU
        210 0  Art cult. Qué.
        222  0 Art et culture au Québec
        245 00 Répertoire descriptif. ßp Art et culture au Québec.
        246 10 Art et culture au Quâebec
        260    Sainte-Foy, Québec : ßb Québec dans le monde, ßc c1992-
        265    Québec dans le monde, C.P. 8503, Sainte Foy (Québec)  G1V 4N5
        300    v. ; ßc 23 cm.
        310    Biennal.
        362 0  Éd. 1992/1993-
        500    Comprend des index.
        650  6 Arts ßz Québec (Province) ßx Répertoires.
        650  0 Arts ßz Quebec (Province) ßx Directories.
        710 2  Alliance Champlain.
        780 00 ßt Répertoire descriptif. Le monde de la culture au Québec. ßx
        847-4958 ßw (OCoLC)22389895 ßw (CaOONL) 900317701 ßw (DLC)cn 90031770
        886 2  ß2 canmarc ßa 910 ßb 20 ßa Association Québec dans le monde.
        886 2  ß2 canmarc ßa 990 ßb 10 ßa 91001a ßb 71001a

Before creating a new record in OCLC, I noticed the same record in Amicus
had been edited to avoid the title change (note: OCLC and CONSER # in
Amicus record are the same as preceding record) Note the OCLC record
(above) has the old form of the heading and the Amicus record (below) has
the new/current heading in the 710 field.  Also, the Amicus record changes
the 245 field by moving $p data (from above) in $a (below) which
eliminates the question of the later issue of this serial being a title

                                                  No AMICUS 12126350
                                                  Publication en série

EXEMPLAIRES BNC: Ex. conserv autre éd - NX120 C3 R43 - AUCUN PEB
                 Mg. livres - NX120 C3 R43 - 2e ex. - 1992/93- Latest ed.
                  Ref. / Dernière éd. Réf.

         NOM(S): Québec dans le monde (Association)
       TITRE(S): Art et culture au Québec
                *Art et culture au Québec
        ÉDITEUR: Sainte-Foy : Québec dans le monde, c1992-, 44,95 $ le v.
                 Québec dans le monde, C.P. 8503, Sainte Foy (Québec)  G1V
    DESCRIPTION: v. ; 23 cm.
                 Éd. 1992/1993-
    PÉRIODICITÉ: Biennal
          NOTES: Comprend des index.
                 "Répertoire descriptif".
      RELATIONS: Fait suite à:  Monde de la culture au Québec. Sainte-Foy
                  : Québec dans le monde, 1990. 0847-4958
        NUMÉROS: LCCN:  cn 93030001
                 Canadiana:  930300017
                 ISSN:  1188-4282
                 CONSER:  ocm27019086
 CLASSIFICATION: Indice de classification LC:  NX120*
                 Dewey:  700/.25/714 20

       MATIÈRES: Arts--Québec (Province)--Répertoires
                 Arts--Quebec (Province)--Directories

Is there someone either at the NLC or LC who can explain what is
going on and advise a course of action?  Someone who can resolve the
discrepancies between the OCLC and Amicus records?

Thanks  / Merci d'avance.       -Birdie

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