Re: Food Ingredients & Analysis International (Anneke Houtkamp) SERIALST Moderator 17 Oct 2002 14:23 UTC

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:51:21 +0200
From: "Anneke Houtkamp" <>
Cc: <luw@PILOT.MSU.EDU>, <derrik_hiatt@BYU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Food Ingredients & Analysis International

        According to the ALA glossary of library and information science
(1983) the correct term for this phenomenon is: t�te-b�che.
The definition: .. Such a volume usually includes 2 or more separate
works of versions of the same work.
This case seems to be an example of the the first possibility, the
bilingual publ. mentioned in the posting an example of the second

In other words, imo this is _not_ a merger!

How to catalogue? Well, 'separate works' so separate descriptions.
And, since those already exist, a note in each description: "From vol.
<...> as t�te-b�che with: <other title>" should suffice?
As for shelving, the shelfnumber of one of the 2 publications would have
to change to that of the other from that vol. onwards.

We don't have either publication, so this might be a superfluous
question, but is this 'change in appearance' going to be permanent? or
is it a single issue (fi 2 special issues about the same subject)? [I
would ask the publisher, before doing major reconstruction work]
If only a single issue is published in this way, a note: Vol. <...> as
t�te-b�che with: <other title>.
When a library subscribes to both publications, they should receive 2
copies, so shelving the copy would not represent any problems either.

As for the last remark (..the publisher is going to ask us to pay for
the title to which we don't actually subscribe ...At any rate, I figure
if the cataloging part can be solved, we will be one step closer to
solving the other problems.), why not ask the publisher first? there may
not be any problems that need solving!,
Anneke Houtkamp
UBVU - Free University Amsterdam, University Library

Date:    Tue, 15 Oct 2002 19:55:38 -0400
From: Wen-Ying Lu <luw@PILOT.MSU.EDU>
Subject: Food Ingredients & Analysis International

Would you help to figure out how to catalog the title "Food Ingredients
& Analysis International," which has been "delivered together" (in
publisher's term) with the title "Ingredients, Health & Nutrition" in
one publication?

As mentioned in Derrik Hiatt's 7/15/02 message to the SERIALST, "The two
publications are back-to-back; the front cover of one is the back cover
of the other, each is upside-down in relation to the other, and they
meet in the middle.  It's similar to having a bilingual publication
where the English is on one side and the French is on the other; but at
least in a case like that, both
versions usually carry the same volume numbering.  On this one, 'Food
Ingredients & Analysis' is vol.24 and 'Ingredients, Health, & Nutrition'
is vol.5."

So, the publisher decided to merge the 2 publications physically into a
bi-monthly publication, retaining one title and its vol. numbering on
one half of the publication and the other title and its numbering on the
other half.
Does this count as a title change?  If yes, should this newly-"merged"
publication be cataloged on a single record or separate records?
Perhaps new records are not needed and we just need to add notes and
links in the existing records (OCLC#39609018, #28598886).  I haven't
been able to find rules to justify any of the cataloging options.  I may
be missing something.  If any of you would give me a direction, I'll
greatly appreciate it.

Of course, as mentioned in Derrik's message, there are other issues to
consider, i.e., checkin, shelving, binding, holdings.  And we don't know
if the publisher is going to ask us to pay for the title to which we don't
actually subscribe.  At any rate, I figure if the cataloging part can be
solved, we will be one step closer to solving the other problems. Thank
you in advance for your help!