Re: Checkpoint security system Ken Siegert 22 Oct 2002 18:46 UTC


I asked our Circulation Coordinator to comment on your e-mail.  Here
is her response:

"It's a lot better than our old security system (3M model from the
80's).  We had a problem with the alarm not working when walking
through with a sensitized book AND sounding when there was nobody
around.  We called the company and someone came out to fix it.  Our
electrical box would get too warm and "misfire".  Other than that one
incident, the system works fine."

Hope this helps!


>This is not strictly a serials issue, but I hope some of you will respond
>Can anyone share your library's experiences with the Checkpoint security
>system?  Are you happy/unhappy with the system?  Are you happy/unhappy with
>the service from the company?  Has anyone changed from Checkpoint to a
>different system?
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