Re: Forbes/Forbes ASAP -binding decisions? (Lori Thornton) Diane Arnold 22 Oct 2002 19:41 UTC

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>Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 17:11:46 -0400
>From: "Lori Thornton" <>
>Subject: Forbes/Forbes ASAP
>Back in March, there was a discussion about how to bind Forbes now that
>Forbes ASAP (with separate ISSN) is replacing Forbes regular issues.
>There didn't seem to be a consensus at that time, and I'm wondering what
>others have decided to do.
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I haven't seen any replies to this question. Did I miss anything??

I hadn't heard that Forbes regular issues were being replaced by ASAP (I'm
new) so I called Forbes today and they assured me that Forbes, Forbes ASAP
and Forbes FYI were all still active and that none of them were replacing
any other of them. I asked the question two or three different ways and the
customer service rep didn't waver.

As for binding them, I'm leaning toward binding them together. The citation
in FirstSearch lists Forbes ASAP and Forbes FYI articles as just "Forbes"
with the  issue information after. And, it has the "my library owns" icon,
which tells me we ought to have it where they can find it. Also,  Ebsco
does a little better by putting the word ASAP after the date like this:
"Forbes 6/24/2002 ASAP Vol 169 Issue 14, p64..."

What did anyone else decide?

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