Position Announcement: Serials Services Project Librarian Linda Pitts 22 Oct 2002 23:32 UTC

                        NOTICE OF VACANCY
                         October 1, 2002

TITLE:                 Serials Services Project Librarian
                          Temporary Position for 18 Months

LOCATION:              Serials Services Division


The University of Washington Libraries is seeking an energetic and
innovative librarian interested in providing serials services in a
large, complex academic library system.  The successful candidate
will bring to the position an ability to consider issues and develop
approaches utilizing a Libraries-wide perspective and will be
comfortable working in a changing environment, generally
knowledgeable about serials and serials operations, flexible, and
capable of developing the skills and knowledge base to function
effectively in the evolving electronic library.  This individual will
have experience with one or more aspects of serials operations, the
interest and ability to work with a variety of people, and a general
understanding of automated library support for serials operations.

The Serials Services Division at the University of Washington
Libraries is responsible for the central ordering, receipt, claiming,
and cataloging of serials as well as the binding and marking of
most library materials.  The Division operates the Periodicals
Information Desk in the Suzzallo/Allen Libraries and is responsible
for the management of the Suzzallo/Allen periodicals collection.
There are four units in the Division:  Binding, Marking, and
Periodicals; Serials Acquisitions; Serials Cataloging; and Serials

The Libraries uses the Innovative Interfaces system for
acquisitions, catalog access, cataloging, circulation, and serials
control.  The Libraries is a participant in CONSER and NACO and
uses OCLC as its primary bibliographic network.

Reporting to the Head of the Serials Division or his/her
designee(s), the Serials Services Project Librarian assists in the
planning, organization, and implementation of special projects and
ongoing work involving serials.  Assignments for the Serials
Services Librarian are made by the Head, Serials Division or
designee(s) and may include work in any of the units within the
Division according to the priorities and needs of the Libraries.

Implementation of the Millennium serials control module is
scheduled for completion during 2003.  If time permits during this
implementation, the Serials Services Project Librarian may support
other serials activities within the Division.  Following the
implementation of Millennium serials control module, the Serials
Services Project Librarian will transition to a new assignment(s)
within the Division.  That assignment may include continuing work
with serial receipts and/or an assignment(s) with other operational
activities, including management of the periodicals collection,
delivery of periodicals information services, serials acquisitions, or
serials cataloging.

(Initial responsibilities through completion of the implementation
of the Millennium Serials Control Module)

During 2003, the University Libraries will implement Innovative
Interface's Millennium Serials Control module.  The module
supports check-in, claiming, holdings control, and processing of
serials.  Staff throughout the Libraries, including librarians, serials
technicians and student assistants, uses the module. Successful
implementation of the serials control module will require a
thorough examination of the module's capabilities, the review and
adjustment of policies and procedures, planning for module
implementation, and, in particular, the training of staff.  The Head
of the Serials Receipts Section will lead the implementation of the
Millennium Serials Control module.  During the project the Serials
Receipts Section will continue with its daily responsibilities for
daily check-in, holdings control, and processing of centrally
received serials.

The Serials Services Project Librarian will report to the Head of the
Serials Receipts Section, and will provide major assistance to the
Serials Receipts Section and to the implementation of the
Millennium serials control module by:

Managing processing activities within the Serials Receipts
Section.  The Section has two primary areas of activity:
check-in and processing-each of which contributes to the
establishment and maintenance of online records for current
receipts.   The Serials Services Project Librarian will
manage the processing activities of the Section.  These
activities include, but are not limited to, timely maintenance
of serial holdings, creation of records for new titles,
processing superseded editions, and relocation, discarding,
and withdrawal of copies and titles.   In this capacity, the
Serials Services Project Librarian will work with staff
throughout the Section, the Division, and the Libraries.

Supervising the personnel responsible for processing.
Supervision includes the evaluation, training, and daily
supervision of processing staff.  Currently, there are four
classified staff positions responsible for processing.
Supervision also includes responsibility for recommending
the hiring and termination of staff.

Developing a working knowledge of the activities,
accomplishments, needs, and problems of processors and
keeping the Section Head informed as appropriate.

Facilitating communication within the Section in regard to
serials processing activities.

Assisting with the development and implementation of
system-wide policies and procedures, plans, and training
programs related to holdings control and serials processing
for the Libraries serials collections; and serving as a
member of the Serials Control Services Committee, a
Libraries-wide planning team with primary responsibility
for the implementation of the Millennium serials control

Assisting with the development of Web pages and other
materials that support training and informational needs
regarding serials activities;

Assisting with coordination of desktop computing activities
within the Section. This may include serving as the
Section's representative to the Local Experts Group-a group
of individuals throughout the Libraries with responsibilities
for desktop computing within units and sections.

The Serials Services Project Librarian may assume other
responsibilities as assigned and perform other duties as required,
including participation in library committees and task forces as
well as the preparation of reports, studies, and/or surveys.


Graduate degree from a program accredited by the
American Library Association or an equivalent graduate
library science/information studies degree required.

Interest and ability to work with a wide variety of people,
including Libraries users and all levels of staff.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.

Experience with a national bibliographic utility and a local
online system.

Basic understanding of AACR2 rev. and MARC format.

Ability to plan, implement, assist and lead project-based

Ability to function well in a changing environment, to work
effectively within a large, complex organization and to
exercise initiative.

Demonstrated commitment to professional development.


Demonstrated ability to supervise, including evaluation,
training, and development of procedures.

Experience with the Innovative Interfaces system and its
serials management components.

One year of experience working with serials in an academic
or research library.

SALARY:  $36,500 minimum.  Starting salary
commensurate with qualifications and background.

BENEFITS: Librarians are academic personnel and
participate in the University of Washington
Retirement Plan (TIAA-CREF,  The Vanguard
Group, SAFECO Mutual Funds and/or Fidelity
Investments) on a matching basis.  Vacation is
accrued at the rate of 24 working days per year;
sick leave at the rate of 12 working days per
year.  Excellent medical, dental and life
insurance plans.  No state or local income tax.

APPLY TO:           Charles E. Chamberlin
                               Deputy Director of Libraries
                               University of Washington Libraries
                               482 Allen Library
                               Box 352900
                               Seattle, Washington  98195-2900

Applicants should submit a letter of application,
full resume including a work telephone number
and email address, salary requirements, and the
names, addresses and telephone numbers of at
least three references who are knowledgeable of
the applicant's qualifications for this position.

DEADLINE:         To ensure consideration, applications should be
                              received no later than
                              5:00 p.m., Friday, November 1, 2002.

University of Washington Libraries' Home Page is:

The University of Washington, an Equal Opportunity and
Affirmative Action Employer, is building a culturally diverse
staff and strongly encourages applications from female and
minority candidates.

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